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Who We Are?

Blockchain Research & Expert Laboratory

Well-done Stake.

We provide best delegation service to you. Manage your various crypto-currencies in single system, with more useful tools what we shared.

We should empower people with technology.
Let's amplify their capability, amplify their ingenuity.

I believe what that opportunity and responsibility that we all have as developers to build that common ground with our fellow human beings, to have that impact.

Thank you so much again for being here, inspiring us, and I hope that this is something that we as developers can take forward with the choices we make.

(Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft)

Why Choose Us?

6 Reasons Why We Are The Best

Delegation Service

Work as a validator who contirbute blockchain governance. You can get extra rewards from your assets.

Event & Alarm watchers

We serve our own dashboard to monitoring chain event what effect to price. Recieve mobile alerts to keep your assets from enemy!

Register New Assets

Register your new gold to us. We will setup your new node after technical analysis. You can recieve tech deligence paper, if you want!

Private Report & Whale Alert

Link : https://www.dsrvlabs.com/blog/

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Meet The Team

We Are Here For You


(Jiyun Kim)

- Blockchain Expert


(Jeongho Jeon)

- Blockchain Research


(Jongkwang Kim)

- Service Expert

Our Skills

We Have Creativity And Knowledge To Development

Jiyun Kim, CEO

- Nick: SigmoiD
- Contact: jiyun.kim@dsrvlabs.com
- Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jiyun-kim-61a44438/


- Ethereum code analysis blog: https://steemit.com/@sigmoid
- GitHub: https://github.com/NAKsir-melody


- cpp_ssz : Serialization for Ethereum 2.0 (c++, PoC)
- Ethereum rawdb analysis : Decoding RLP with private data
- PrivateML on Ethereum : Proof of concept for private machine learning with ethereum(for FE, MPC)
- Go-ethereum comments translation project : Comments translation project in korean #1 #2

Presentations & publish

- EthereumDB in a nutshell
- All about Ethereum Gas
- Event: for outside watchers
- Whisper
- My ethereum analysis
- Ethereum data layer
- Look into Geth

Translations (EN->KR)

- ZKSNARKS in a nut shell
- Practical_Byzantine_Fault_Tolerance(korean)

Jeongho Jeon, CTO

- Nick: maczniak
- Contact: jeongho.jeon@dsrvlabs.com
- Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeongho-jeon


- GitHub: https://github.com/maczniak


- Video : blockchain-conference-videos
- Slide : State of Blockchain
- Annotated-ethereum-yellowpaper : Symbol guide for Ethereum Yellow Paper

Presentations & publish

- (2018.12.18) Devstamp : Look into Geth (Slide)
- (2018.11.17) Radical Market Meetup : Radical Market and Blockchain (video, newspaper)
- (2018.08.10) Etherstudy 3rd Conference : Scalability Techniques: Sharding
- (2018.07.23) Whitepaper Foundation, Counterfactual (Video)
- (2018.07.16) Whitepaper Foundation, Accumulator (Video)
- (2018.07.09) Whitepaper Foundation, Stateless Block Verification (Video)
- (2018.03.09) Etherstudy Conference, POS Consensus Algorithm Capser (Slide)

Jongkwang Kim, CTO

- Contact: jongkwang.kim@dsrvlabs.com
- Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jongkwang


- GitHub: https://github.com/jongkwang
- GitHub : https://github.com/iot-labs (IoT Labs project)


- Blockchain Lecture
- IoT Labs (communication)
- IoT Labs (Farm)
- IoT Labs (Dashboard)

Presentations & Publish & Awards

- Wrote "Blockchain, the center of 4th Industrial Revolution"
- Speaker, Ethereum community of Korea : Universal Login
- Speaker, Ethereum conference (ethcon Korea)
- 3rd award, Naver D2 Fest, Naver Inc.
- Award 3th place in Ministry of Science and ICT (Dec.2017)
- Published Sencha E-Book, with Korea Sencha User Group
- Dreamweaver and Mobile Webapp and PhoneGap - Book reviewer
- Technical magazines writing. (Web magazine, MicroSoftware)

Our History

Travel Through Time With Us!

  • May.2019.
    Factom Validator 제안 중

    - Factom, 23곳 Block Validator 중 1곳으로 제안 중
    - Factom, Test node 운영 중
    - Factom 에 Grant 제안 진행 중

  • May.2019.
    ethcon 발표

    - ethcon 발표 (코엑스 그랜드볼룸)
    - 김지윤 CEO : Parsing Ethereum Database
    - 김종광 CTO : Universal Login of Ethereum

  • May.2019.
    이더리움연구회 발표

    - 김종광 CTO, 이더리움연구회 발표
    - Universal Login of Ethereum

  • May.2019.
    nonce와 연구활동 관련 MOU 채결

    - nonce와 연구활동 및 기술개발 MOU 채결
    - Factom 블록체인 프로젝트 진행
    - Validator 프로젝트 진행
    - 기술 및 연구개발 파트너

  • Apr.2019.
    Establish a dsrv labs.

    - dsrv labs. 설립
    - 블록체인 연구 활동 진행


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