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WellDoneStake is a Staking-as-a-Service provider for proof-of-stake blockchains. We are dedicated to help democratize and secure cryptonetworks by allowing individuals and institutions to participate in the global digital economy.


WellDoneStake runs highly available and secure staking infrastructure on behalf of investors, covering all of the leading PoS protocols.


Infrastructure Tools and Development

Infrastructure Tools and Development

No.1 South Korea Ambassador


We provide secure staking services across leading blockchain projects. Put your token to work and earn yield with us while we guarantee security and uptime.

(in development)

(in development)

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“dsrv is an incredibly valuable partner to navigate the realm of proof-of-stake blockchains. They are one of the few teams in South Korea that demonstrated a deep technical understanding of how blockchains work and always strives to provide the best experience for its clients.”

Seeeun Ha CEO/Founder of nonce


dsrv labs is an experienced team of developers who are passionate about decentralized technologies, open finance, and self-sovereignty for the next generation of human societies.

We aim to become the most trusted validator in South Korea that builds and strengthen the tools and railroads for those who are within and outside of basic financial services.

We educate the South Korean community on how to participate in global cryptonetworks.

Jiyun Kim

Samsung Electronics
Ethereum 2.0 Contributor
Blockchain Tech Blogger
Korea Ethereum Research Group
Inha University (M.S.)

Jeongho Jeon

Samsung Techwin
Korea Ethereum Research Group
Seoul National University

Jongkwang Kim

Korea Open SW Lab
SW Maestro, Mentor
Korea Ethereum Research Group
Sencha Expert/Organizer

Hyung-Kyu Choi

Kakao Corp’s Ground X
Samsung Research
Ethereum Contributor
.NET Core Contributor
Seoul National University (Ph.D.)

Hyug Bin Kwon

Huobi Korea
Daou Tech (Kiwoom Securities)
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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